As your Councillor, I promise to: 

  • Pursue an all inclusive participation of every community and culture represented in Airdrie with respect to issues that affect them, and finding a common ground for the benefit of all. 

  • Support the collaborative effort of the city’s stakeholders, businesses, employees, and other elected municipal officials for a more sustainable and progressive city.

“Airdrie’s brighter future is dependent largely on the collaborative effort of all”



As your Councillor, I promise to: 

  • Support initiatives aimed at helping small business in Airdrie recover/overcome post covid challenges.

  • Advocate the establishment of post-secondary institutions in Airdrie, thereby attracting other economic opportunities and business growth within the city. 

“Making Airdrie a business friendly environment makes our city stronger”


infrastructural development

As your Councillor, I promise to: 

  • Work on improving our city’s roads and transit. As a fast growing city in Canada, Airdrie needs a plan that is strategic enough to retain its population. There is a need for the city to intensify its plan for road expansion to ease the eminent congestion that comes with this growth. Also a road maintenance plan especially in regards to having an effective snow ploughing system to help ensure safety on our roads.

  • Support the implementation of other developmental projects as the city deems priority for the collective benefit of all.

  • Advocate for affordable senior living. 

“Strategic planning & implementation is key to an attractive and competitive future of city of Airdrie”



As your Councillor, I promise to: 

  • Support policies that strengthen and enrich the lives of every Airdronian irrespective of their age, gender or cultural differences by advocating for more sporting and recreational activities across the city. 

  • Support the establishment of diverse cultural events of various community associations within the city.

  • Support sustainability of the existing social enterprises and the Youth Empowerment and Skills Centres in the city of Airdrie.

“Lets maximize lives together”